Spooky Tournament!

By Drayok22 a - Posted Sep 29, 18

During the month of October, what else would the big tournament be other than Spooky? This will be a throwback to the old Halloween tournament hosted on the original PokeHeaven. That means the only Pokemon allowed will be Dark or Ghost types. The prizes will be just as large as they were for the last tournament! First place will receive 250k in-game money, a single Tune-up and Move tutor of their choice, as well as a shiny legendary of their choice. Second place will receive 150k in-game money and a shiny legendary of their choice. Third place will receive 75k in-game money and a legendary pokemon of their choice. 

  • All battles will be capped at level 50 and all battles will be 6v6, Gen 6 OU and under
  • No restorative items such as potions and elixirs, held items such as leftovers, choice items are allowed.
  • Mega evolutions ALLOWED (i.e. Mega Houndoom, Mega Banette, etc.)
  • No legendary pokemon
  • Sleep, OHKO, Evasion, and Baton pass clauses are in effect

Not only are we allowing mega evolutions for the first time in our major tournaments, but we will bringing bonus prizes back also. Be on the lookout for a list I will post later this week for that information. Per each bonus pokemon you use, you will be able to ask for a special Halloween starter of your choice! I hope your training goes well and expect to see you all there! :3

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