Summer Sendoff Tournament

By Drayok22 a - Posted Aug 1, 18

We are going to kick off our monthly tournaments in August! The Summer Sendoff Tournament will be hosted on Sunday, August 26th @ 2 PM EST. First place will receive a shiny legendary, 100,000 in-game money, and single tune-up of their choice. Ranking for best trainers will also be taken. The rules for this tournament are as follows:

  • Only Fire, Grass, and Water types are allowed. Dual types are fine (i.e. Fire/Steel) but each must have one of the types listed.
  • No Megas will be allowed
  • No legendaries will be allowed
  • Clauses in effect include Evasion, Sleep, OHKO, Baton Pass.
  • It will be 6v6 level 50
  • Gen 7 OU and below
  • Held items such as leftovers, choice specs are allowed, however no restorative items allowed

To enter please reply to this post. I hope to see you all there!

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