Minecraft Username - Synnis
How long have you been playing Minecraft? - Since 2011, I believe.
How long have you been playing Pixelmon? - Since 1.7.10.
What is your timezone and how frequent would you be on? - EST; I'm not on much anymore, but my ontime would probably increase if I got Builder. However, when I'm on, I usually stay on for quite a while. I'm usually on at least once a week.
Why should we choose you to be a member of our staff? - I've been told by Farmer and I believe a couple of other people that I should apply for builder; At the bottom of the application I will post examples of a few of my builds.
Any other past experience(if possible please provide contacts of people you have worked with on past servers)? - I'm currently a gym leader on the server. Furthermore, I used to be one of the higher-ups on an old, now defunct server called FreedomOP. I do not have contact with anyone from said server any longer, however.


...A random house

Amethyst Tower

Festive Mansion (WIP)

New Glacies Town (WIP)