Official Conquest Rules:
1) Teams are allowed to continually recruit throughout the time during the event and immediately prior to the event
2) Each event period will last 4 weeks or approximately one month.
3) We will take off a month/4 weeks in between event periods.
4) Team Leaders will be final say on what happens within teams during the event period.
5) Points will be rewarded for participation in other events during the time period. Teams are expected to participate as well as they can in events such as PixelTrivia, PokeDerby, Crane Game, Drop Parties, Battle Factory and more.
6) In order to ensure fairness in the awarding of participation points, we will be employing a percentage formula to determine the percentage of points to be awarded. Thus, if a team of 10 people only gets 5 people to an event, they will only get 50% of the points, whereas if a team of 5 people gets 5 people to an event, then they will get 100% of the points. Extra Points will be given to winners of said events for their teams.
7) During the Conquest event period, voting for the server as well as ontime will award points to the respective teams for the top participants and winners of the time period.
8.) Teams will be able to build bases in the style and themes of the teams that they are on. The more creative the better. Bases will be rated by the building team and judged on for awarding of points.
9) Introduction of weekly battles that will serve as conquest-only events. Each week will pin teams against the other teams except for the last week of the event which will correspond in a tournament. No penalties for not completing battles for every member of the team, but percentage rules will apply. Thus, a team of 10 with only 3 battlers even if they win everything will only be able to achieve 33.33% of the points for winning.
10) Territory Raid Battles- Designated Areas of the Server will become open with an announcement from staff. The first person from a team to capture the area by showing up first there and staying there for 5-10 minutes will capture the area for their team. Other teams can challenge the claim by battling the one who captured the area. Only one challenge per person is allowed. Thus, if Team Steam holds an area, 1 person from Team Anarchy can
challenge, then a person from the Pokemon League can challenge, and another person from Team Anarchy can still challenge. After the time period has passed no more challenges on that territory. Once a person is beaten, they cannot challenge that area again at that time. 1 loss = Out. The area will boast the Team Flag and will award points if still held at end of event period.
11) Territory Shakeup- During the middle of the event, all captured territories and some uncaptured ones will become available. Each area will require 1 person to capture it. Areas can go uncaptured. This is an opportunity to pull points away from other teams while increasing your own team's point totals.
12) Points will be rewarded for fitting the theme of the team including but not limited to: dressing in team colors, displaying banner, utilizing Pokemon that fit the team theme, and more!
13) Impromptu Side Quests- Occasionally staff may come up with a side task for the team to complete which will award points.
14) There will also be bonus points for team spirit, extra bases, or anything else that the staff deems fitting for the event.
15) Lastly, the tournament during the last week will pit every single person against each other to determine who will fill the last spots. Teams will be split up into individual members who will fight for the glory of the team. The tournament bracket will be set at random, so it may pit team members against fellow team members. Will you decide to fight and prove your mettle against your teammate, or will you concede and allow them to move on unabated for the good of the team? This tournament will require a lot from each person to prove how much they want to support their team. Each round also has the potential for special rules to be put in place.
16) Points for participation will be 10 points per team times the percentage of participation. Weekly Battles will award 5 points each for a win. The Base Building Competition will be worth 100 points. Vote Rewards and On-time will award 25, 15, 10 points for the top three places on each at the end of the event period. Total Votes will reward 1 point for every 2 votes per person. On-Time will reward 1 point for every hour of play on the server. Winners of normal weekly events will receive 10, 5, 2 points for the top 3 places. The Final Tournament will reward 30, 15, 7 points for the top three places in the tournament. Territories will award 3 points for each one held at the end of the event period. Bonus points at the discretion of staff.
17) The prizes for the event are huge since its such a long event.
1)The First Place Team will all receive 25 Levels, one 6IV Pokemon for each person that fits the Theme of the Team (for example, Growlithe for the Police Force), and 100,000 Dollars of In-Game Money. The Team as whole will receive a building in their honor that will be displayed at spawn for the entirety of break period in between. This area will display the heads of every member and the team colors. Furthermore, the team's base has a chance of being added to the map and/or adventure areas after the approval of the build team. Finally, the team will also receive a shout-out on the Website, and all of the members will receive first choice of the Team Leader positions for the next event period.
2) The second place team will all receive 10 Levels, one 4IV Pokemon for each person that fits the Team Theme, and 50,000 dollars of In-Game Money.
3) and 4) The 3rd and 4th place teams will receive 3 Levels, and a stack of ultra balls as a participation prize.