Team Steam-
Stereotypical Evil Pokemon Team- They want to capture Pokemon and use them for their nefarious needs of taking over the Pokemon world. By expanding their control of Pokemon, they will control everything. They are known for their lava and water motifs. They are represented by the Steam Banner. Team Colors are a Red/Blue.
PokeHeaven Police Force-
The Police Force of PokeHeaven. They are dedicated to Justice and upholding the law. They are one of the few elements of bureaucracy and government. They are often viewed as good and steady members though corruption does occasionally pop up from within. They typically fight against evil and maintain the government of the server. They are represented by the Police Badge Banner. Team Colors are Blue/Black
PokeHeaven Pokemon League
The Pokemon League of PokeHeaven. They are a non-governmental organization/corporation with little legislative power outside their gyms and the League which provides jobs to many cities and young trainers to be. They are neither wholly good or bad. They just exist as a more neutral member, but their ever expanding control of the Pokemon world has the potential to become corrupt. They are represented by the Pokemon League Banner. Their colors are Purple and Yellow.
Team Anarchy
They arose after years of the gridlock between the Police Force, Pokemon League, and Team Steam. Tired of the current system, they just wish to destroy it all and watch the world burn. No deluded visions of a better world after this. The current world is corrupt and must be destroyed before it can be fixed. They are represented by the Anarchy Banner. Their colors are Red and Black.