Minecraft Name:

Team Preference:
Team Steam

Time Played- Minecraft:
More than I would like to admit

Time Played- Pixelmon:
Played on old PH from it's early glory days (remember when the server was always full?) to it's eventual and unavoidable fall. (shouldn't have banned cloud)

Time you can dedicate to your Team:
As I lack stable schedule irl I can't make any promises but should be able to get on almost daily for like an hour or two.

Battling Experience:
Started competitive battling on late 3rd gen (cable matches were gold) and continued active till Sun&Moon release. I've attended multiple tourneys both irl and online with decent success. On psd OU ladder I peaked top150 (~1850 elo) during ORAS and top2 (~1300 elo) on pokebattle 1000pbv ladder.

Building Experience:
About as good as alcoholic trying to build card castle after a night out.

Why should we pick you?
You probably shouldn't but let's just say I can act as an experienced leader and mentor for my team.

Any other relevant information.
Ever since I saw Team Steam's HQ I've been Steam OTP.