Hey everyone! We have an old event with a slightly new flavor for everyone on the server that will be starting up once we set up the teams with players. I will be posting a whole list of rules and information on here as well as the Discord. We are also now accepting applications for the team leader positions of the four teams which are: Team Steam, PokeHeaven Police Force, PokeHeaven Pokemon League, and Team Anarchy. Please list your preference in your application. No current Gym Leaders, Elite 4, or Staff can apply to the Team Leader Position. I have included a quick template for people to use to fill out, and please post the applications to the Gaming section of the forums or direct message me on Discord.

Application Template:
Minecraft Name:
Team Preference:
Time Played- Minecraft:
Time Played- Pixelmon
Time you can dedicate to your Team:
Battling Experience:
Building Experience:
Why should we pick you?
Any other relevant information.