Minecraft Name TechMeister
How long have you been playing minecraft?
I've been playing Minecraft for 9 years now
but don't find myself touching the normal game anymore because it doesn't strike my intrest

How long have you been playing pixelmon?
ive been playing pixelmon for 3-4 years now

What is your timezone and how frequent would you be on?
pacific standard and recently ive been playing upwards of 10 hrs a day for the past week and half ive been on the server
Preferred Gym type you'd like to be?
Why should we choose you to be gl?
Because this last week and half i have met so many bright faces of the community whom ive been able to spread my knowledge and help and they all done the same for me, this server has never made me feel more intervened into a community in my life and with my knowledge on Pokemon we can expect greatness from our Electric Gym Community once again!

Do you know what EVs and IVs are?
ivs are points that influence pokemon stats similar to genes that pokemon can spawn weaker or strong given their ivs /31
evs ~ Effort values gained thorugh battle certain pokemon which make up your pokemons final stats
Any other past experience to list?
through complaining to admin i permanently fixed the weather on the server